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Blippi Live Broadway


Blippi Live brings together a renowned cast of Broadway veterans to bring one of the world’s most popular plays into the New York City stage. This is a one of a kind musical, which will appeal to a broad range of audience, from the young to the old. The show revolves around a contemporary story of a girl called Blippi who moves into a new town, Blippi Town, with her elderly, yet energetic, widowed mother. Blippi lives along the railroad line that runs through town, and she loves the people and the lifestyle of the area.

Blippi Live Broadway

As in many of the classics of the artistic genre, the play will include songs from both the White Album and Another Day’s Love, and it will end with a duet between Blippi and her daughter, Cherry. These songs and others by this talented playwright add a personal touch to the drama, as they highlight the differences and similarities that Blippi’s life brings to the small town of Blippi Town. A blend of music and story, Blippi Live is an amazing production. Both the audience and those watching the play itself will be enraptured in this fantastic tale.

For those unfamiliar with this great play, it can be described as a modern-day fairy tale. It is highly acclaimed, receiving rave reviews from critics and fellow actors and actresses. It has won four Emmys and has been nominated for multiple awards including Best Musical, Original Score, and Original Music. Directed by acclaimed director, Richard Lusten, Blippi Live is set to run at the John Murray Anderson Center for the Arts in New York, beginning in February of 2021.

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