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Breaking the Waves Musical Review

Breaking the Waves

In Breaking the Waves, you play as the main character, the mysterious Dr. Edward Brandt, a brilliant surgeon, and his best friend, who is also called Penny, who also happens to be a great detective. Together they follow the clues to solve the crime and bring the criminals to justice. Along their journey they encounter many strange events that cause them to think that something is not right. This is a musical that has all the action and adventure that you have come to expect from a murder mystery video musical, but it also manages to add a more romantic element to the musical which is sure to make this a musical that many people look forward to playing.

Like any other murder mystery musical, the plot is usually quite complex, and the more you play the musical the more clues and pieces of information you find. The more you play the more you will find out about the characters and their motives, but this also means that the musical has to progress at a fairly fast rate. This is not a problem however, because as you and your partner explore and investigate more about each case, you will uncover more of the story and the characters. This is especially important because you may find out that one of the suspects was a very important person to you in the past, and now that you know more about him or her you can use this knowledge to influence the course of your investigation. This makes the musical more realistic, because the clues you find and the information you uncover about each suspect are what ultimately helps you to convict the criminals.

The musical score also adds to the realism. The music is done by award-winning musician, Jeff Lewis. He has done many video musicals in the past such as Portal 2, Half Life 2, etc., and these types of music are often used to make the musical sound more like the actual musical. As well as this, some of the background music in the musical is from classic rock bands. It also makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience, and it is a good thing, since the musical does have an excellent score. Overall, you should play this musical if you want to play an intriguing murder mystery video musical, and if you enjoy the musical score and the way that it adds a little romance to the musical.

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