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Les Miserables – A Musical Production for Children


Les Miserables is the most popular animated Musical that has ever hit the States. Originally a T.V. series, it was made to coincide with the release of the live-action movie version of Les Miserables, produced by Disney. As the name suggests, Les Miserables is an updated version of the popular animated musical fantasy film Les Diaboliques. It has been extraordinarily successful both critically and commercially and was ranked number one in the 2020 Academy Awards’ best-selling category. It was later nominated for an additional eight awards, including Best Picture and Best Original Score.

Les Miserables is based mainly on the life of the comic book character, Sir Lancelot of Menem, a young man raised in a castle by his cruel stepmother, Queen Marie Antoinette. Lancelot becomes a beloved and robust warrior fighting off those who oppose him, mostly evil sorcerers. Along with his loyal friend, Sir Baptiste de la Meuse, he attempts to protect Arene’s citizens and search for the mythical kingdom of Avalon. His relationship with the beautiful Princess Fiona is complicated, but he always remains loyal to her. The musical numbers are often traditional and are meant to be enjoyable for children as well as adults.

Some of the songs include: “Je Suis Type,” “La Fete,” “Cease Me,” “Lancelot avoid,” and many more. The entire musical score is very catchy and easy to sing along to. Several different types of musical chairs are used during the shows, such as the pyramid, cabinet, trapeze, flowing floor chairs, and many others. The use of music in Les Miserable production is delightful for all ages and gives a great deal of enjoyment to the audience.

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